Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

In addition to all of the typical things you might need; SAT ACT prep, Career assessment and guidance, College Selection, Essay guidance, Resume' building, Portfolio building, Application Fee Waiver, FAFSA and all financial aid application guidance, one-on-one coaching for student and parents and more.  Most important to all, the proven ability to secure funding you do NOT have to repay to fund your student's education.  With more than 42 years of experience securing endowment funding, we have never missed meeting our written promise which we provide in writing for every new candidate we assist.

What do you specialize in?

Showing students negotiation strategies and funding techniques that work regardless of household income or assets.  We KNOW, which schools public and private meet your objectives and provide a step by step blueprint  showing you exactly what to do each year to receive maximum merit based funding,

How do you fund your services?

The funding comes directly from the endowment funds of the college or university your student selects to attend.  This is NOT information the schools volunteer.  They will primarily offer loans to both students and parents as an alternative for funding.  NO ONE pays full price for college with our knowledge of the process and we coach your student step by step to meet our Promise of Value.

What type of Commitment do you provide?

We provide a written commitment of funding with a specific dollar amount in writing at the time you are invited to accept or decline funding.  If we do not meet the commitment, your dues are returned.  The good news . . . we have never had to return dues for not meeting our promise of value.  

 Who are the owners of your organization?

All selected candidates and their families are the owners of the organization.  Each family pays a $100 annual membership dues which covers the entire immediate family.  We are supported by a network of community volunteers who reach out to families in their community to recommend students for funding.  Every candidate is selected by a personal interview (about an hour in person or via Internet) where students and their parents have opportunity to ask any questions before a funding offer is presented.  Our average student receives in excess of $100,000 and some in excess of $250,000.  

What time commitment is required to secure funding?

We ask each student to commit about a half hour per week answering correspondence, primarily by email or phone.  We also coach each student individually and record those session for the student to review and so the parents and their support team can track student progress which extends throughout college even  to advance degrees and on to employment opportunities.

Why does this sound "Too good to be true"?

When you hear something new that you have never heard before and outcome seems like something "everyone with common sense would do"  the response for those who don't want to do the things required to get the desired outcome typically say . . . "This sounds too good to be true."  If if were, we wouldn't have over 40 years and more than 60,000 families who have received the outcome they deserve by following our simple process. 

$1.2 billion dollars in merit awards and growing, are the results of the commitment to spend 1/2 hour per week by the student and parental support and encouragement to support students goals and objectives.   Because we know cynics like to point to anything they don't understand or have never done before and call it a scam, we know what we do is so valuable that we put our offer in writing through our promise of value.   We have never missed!  You won't either.

You have nothing to lose but tens of thousands of dollars in non loan funding that will lower your costs and reward your student for their hard work and effort.  Ignorance is not always bliss.  Sometimes, we just don't know what we don't know and this is YOUR opportunity to educate yourself and learn how YOU TOO can take advantage of THE POWER OF WORKING TOGETHER.