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We reached out to you to assist your student to determine eligibility to receive from $6,000 to as much as $100,000 or more in funding your higher education.

 Our mission is making college dreams come true for every student through community service and the Power of Working Together .

Funding may be committed at the conclusion of a brief interview with student and parents.    Students may click here to print the Qualification Questionnaire to prepare for their funding interview.  All resources on a "FIRST COME" basis.

We have over 5,000 colleges, public and private (every accredited institution) who profile  for us the kinds of students they are hoping to recruit to their campus.  Through our connections with students, parents, educators and community members we are able to provide resources to make college more affordable based on tuhe talents, grades, test scores and career objective of each student. 

For over 30 years our members have been assisting college bound students and their families with the process of getting into and funding the college of their choice.  In recent years, while college costs have escalated at an all time rate, we have also seen a substantial increase in the use of endowment funds from colleges to attract the best and brightest to their campuses. 

Unfortunately, very few students and families are aware of how significant this source of funding college can be.  This has long been one of the best kept secrets colleges hope you will never learn about.   College is BIG business.   

These are not student loans that have to be paid back.  These are resources that come from the colleges and universities the student selects to attend and does NOT depend on proving financial need or meeting income or financial profiles as most colleges suggest.

These resources have been provided by former students and their families as well as businesses and organizations who promote the good works of the college.

We know how to put these resources in your hands through working together. 

In brief, you should know the following about us: our association was established in 1980 and had been responsible for assisting our members in receiving over 500 million dollars of endowment funding  to the students we have served since our inception.

Our specialty is in the area of admissions and funding and we know the process. Our members particularly value the weekly input from our volunteers and community advocates who make these funding sources available in their communities.  We are hoping you, or someone you know, would be that person in your area.

Our organization and local community service groups are authorized in every state and sponsored for the benefit of, and supported by, local community members right in your community through the Power of Working Together.  POWT 

Every student to make certain they receive funding through direct mentoring from their personal coach who works with each student throughout their planning and college attendance years.  Students and parents have direct access to all communications.

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